Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Week that Was

I'm going to try updating during the week but just accumulating the week's account in one post to be published on Sat. or Sun. I liked doing it that way this week; we'll see how it goes.

On Tuesday, we were able to visit Grant's Farm in St. Louis with Mama Byrd, Dad & Mom Smith, Aunt Joyce, and Sarah & Blessings. It was a fun, relaxed excursion. The bird show was particularly educational, and it was neat to see the birds at such close quarters. There was one owl who got very stubborn and didn't want to leave the stage, providing us with several extra informative tidbits as the MC tried to fill time.

Wednesday, we enjoyed Jonathan reading to us from Prince Caspian after supper.

Thursday, the older kids enjoyed a game of Farkle with Gramma Byrd (on Papa and Gramma's last day to visit us). There was also lots of extra reading time for Kate, Grace, and Stephen with Gramma.

Saturday was a day of room cleaning and relaxation. The kids enjoyed Georgia being over for several hours and getting to play games with her.

The only day we missed our math and reading summer routine was Tuesday.

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